About me and about this site

profile PicI’m a mom, wife, and a human being.  I’ve also been in private practice as a psychologist for over 10 years.  My office looks like a cozy living room with books about codependency, shame, depression, trauma, and self esteem lining the bookshelves.  I tell my kids that “I talk to people about their feelings,” which I do, but it’s so much more:  I’m a listener, a guide, a follower, a teacher, a student, a collaborator, an encourager, a challenger, a holder of hope, a compassionate companion in pain, a proponent of curiosity, a big-picture illustrator, and an honored witness to the life stories my clients author.  For more about my practice and my professional story, go to www.sarahfcollins.com.

This is my attempt to create a space where I’m able to share thoughts, feelings, and resources related to the inner world.  It is my hope that as I figure out the line between being open and over disclosing, you will find inspiration, connection, entertainment, affirmation, and hope.


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